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 We want to keep our economy growing by working together!  Marketing should be an investment so you should have a return!  With over a decade of experience and a drive to help our local businesses succeed, we provide a variety of digital and print marketing opportunities to fit your business and your budget!  We value our partnerships within our community and look forward to helping your business thrive!


Digital Overview


We provide a wide variety of digital marketing opportunities and work to increase traffic to your business.  We want you to have the highest return on investment possible and believe we can get you there by targeting the customers you want with our customized digital marketing plans.  We offer search engine optimization, site and search re targeting, social lifts, Geo-fencing,  mobile hyper local, website building and everything in-between.


We have a variety of magazines that will be published to give readers in our area strong relevant content that they will want to continue to read! Businesses in The Gorge have plenty of offer we want to help promote building our own local economy as well as driving tourism based revenue to our merchants! All magazines will be print and digital and able to share on many social media platforms allowing it to resurface again and again giving you as an advertiser maximum exposure and the convenience to our readers to enjoy them any way they choose!

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THE platinum TEAM

Tonya Flory Platinum Marketing & Design Owner/Publisher

Tonya Flory Platinum Marketing & Design Owner/Publisher

Tonya Flory

Busy as a bee! I am a mother of 3 girls, volunteer as a CASA, coach softball and LOVE being part of a team!  Our marketing team was put together because we all have the same goals.  We love to learn and grow!   We have high ethical and moral standards and treat all clients as part of our Platinum team!  I decided to build Platinum Marketing & Design because I love working with businesses and want to be part of your success!  I wanted to bring affordable and meaningful advertising to The Gorge regardless of your business size!   We spend a significant amount of our life working, so I believe we should love what we do for a living!  When you love your job ... you thrive!  I love what I do and look forward to working with you!

Ashley Almas Platinum Marketing & Design Marketing Consultant

Ashley Almas Platinum Marketing & Design Marketing Consultant

Ashley Almas

Born and raised in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge! Eager to learn and that's what brought me into the marketing business. I have learned alot about about growth from my now  seven year old son. He taught me that with anything, as long as you put patience, dedication and time into it, you will grow it into something inspiring. My goal is to wake up everyday happy knowing that I am making a difference in someone's life. I am a very compassionate person and I love conversation. I can't wait to grow with you!

Ray Swift Platinum Marketing & Design Marketing Consultant

Ray Swift Platinum Marketing & Design Marketing Consultant

Ray Swift

I'm Ray!  I have lived, worked, and played in The Gorge the majority of my life!  I have been in marketing for 17 years and really enjoy working with the public.  I like to see our local economy grow and am happy to be a part of making that a success.  I really like getting to know people and look forward to bringing you marketing solutions.